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Colleen Murphy: How to Organize a Successful Fundraiser

More than ever before, nonprofit organizations rely on the financial and voluntary contributions of members and supporters to help them fulfill their missions. However, fundraising is an art which requires certain elements to be in place in order to ensure success. Colleen Murphy, a sales professional in Arlington Heights, Illinois, has coordinated several fundraising events. Here she shares her insight on how to create a successful event.

1. Establish a goal. Prior to planning details, be sure and establish a goal or determine beforehand the amount of money you want to raise at the event. Having this figure in mind will help you to plan the event in order to meet the goal.

2. Determine your budget. In the initial planning stages, you must establish a budget and decide how you are going to allocate it. Obtaining sponsors and/or donors should help to keep expenses to a minimum.

3. Market your event. In order to encourage people to attend, the event must be marketed properly to its target audience. This can be accomplished through direct mail, distribution of flyers, phone calls, or word of mouth.

Among her successes in the Arlington Heights area, Colleen Murphy has helped to organize fundraisers for St. Viator High School’s Women’s Lacrosse and for St. James Church. She is the former president of Millennium Marketing Group, Ltd.